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kemetic_paths's Journal

Kemetic Paths
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Em Hotep (In peace).

If you are aligned with the Kemetic and the Ntrw (Netjeru) speak to you - than regardless of your denomination and path, YOU ARE MOST WELCOME HERE. All that is requested of you and yes mandated of you is that you treat others with the level of respect you expect from others even if they don't agree with you - because they are children of Netjer. Now if you can do that one thing you are welcome and I will be darned if I sit here and proceed to tell you about what topic you cannot write and upon what topic you can. All topics inspired by Netjer and your heart to write are welcome here.

The one thing I do not want you to do is to fear being exactly who you are and expressing that truth.

The only wrong question is the question that is not asked.


Kemetic Paths is a live journal community whose main
unifying interests centre around Netjer and all paths Kemetic.

All people are valued here regardless of their House/temple affiliation or lack there-of.

If either membership or religious temple house bashing is your thing, look elsewhere. It won't be tolerated here.

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