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Truth [Oct. 16th, 2008|12:02 am]
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Truth is perhaps the most beautiful and rarest thing upon this earth. It is I the spirit of truth that I come here to ask you, my fellow kemetics, an important question, and in my opinion the most important question of all when it comes to religion.  

Do you truly believe that your religion is true? Do you believe what you do is the right way of doing things? Many of you would argue that truth is subjective or that there are many truths. I am sorry to say that this is probably just ingrained political correctness. Truth is in any useful form is exclusive, something is either true, or it is false. Look into your daily life, the world around us, it is not subjective we cannot alter the fundamental structure because of our point of view. If the gods/spirits/ect… exist then it is probable that they too have fundamental, unalterable reality about them otherwise they would be unable to interact with our reality in any reasonable way making religion useless. The other argument is that there are many truths or that the “truth” is too large and that all faiths point to it. Then I ask, does your religion contain the most “truths” or closest to the “truth” or are you simply settling for something inferior because the search is too hard? Do you simple settle for what is comfortable, for what you know, what makes you feel good about yourself rather than looking for the thing that can better help you better yourself and give your real comfort?

So I ask you my fellow kemetics do you practice what you consider to be the truth or at least the closest to it, that you believe this deep down in the pit of your soul, or do you deny it so you can practice something fashionable, or comforting, or fun, or whatever delusion you choose.

And before I get a thousand angry responses just think about it for more than 5 minutes you owe yourself that.


[User Picture]From: sekhmetsat
2008-10-16 11:26 am (UTC)
There is only Ma'at. You live according to Ma'at, or you are Isfet. Now, Ma'at has a lot of deeper meanings... Truth, Order, Justice, Right. a look at the Negative Confession shows exactly what the Egyptians had in mind. I'm not a typical kemetic, however, as i am also Hindu. Ma'at and Dharma are twins.

the two ideas above about the nature of god(s) are not irreconcilable. it is too hard for us to understand, so we create ways of understanding.

i am constantly stretching my knowledge of both Egyptian and Hindu religions. I can translate hieroglyphs, and prefer my own. i am studying Sanskrit for much the same reason. it puts you in the head of the writer. unique phrasings can give you that "aha" moment you won't get with a whitewashed dumbed down translation.
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