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henu [Dec. 1st, 2007|03:09 am]
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Hotep and Henu,

I was recently asked about Henu.

We all say it, and I am sure we all do some form of Henu in our prayers and at shrine, but.. what is the proper physical act of Henu, Full Henu, and any variation of Henu..? Although I have my own form of Henu, brought to me by Netjer some 20+ years ago.. I wonder how we all differ in what we consider Henu, or the proper form of Henu.

I did some searching on the web, and found something that is put forth as the "correct" pose or positioning and action of Henu, but I disagree with that form. I will not mention that form, or the website that I found it at.. so that I can get every one's personal opinions on this.

I would like comments on what each of you feel is the correct form of Henu.

I will start with what Henu is to me...

Henu as a means of respectful salutation.. to a revered person, priest, etc.. is simply a slight bend of the upper half of the body, bowing head, with arms outreached with hands upwards, palms facing the person of salutation.

Henu as a means of respectful demeanor towards Netjer in simple prayer.. (standing or kneeling) is a half body bow, with arms and hands in the same respect as above.

Full Henu is a means of total submission to the Netjer(u) at shrine, or in the minds shrine.. as a formal prayer.. this is done with the body in prone position, hands and arms in the same respect as mentioned as above.