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Introduction - Kemetic Paths [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kemetic Paths

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Introduction [Jun. 17th, 2007|11:04 am]
Kemetic Paths


Em Hotep.

I'm - the safest label to use - an eclectic pagan, though non-wiccanesque. I follow four deities, two non-kemetic, two kemetic. One of the non-kemetic deities I consider my spiritual parent.

The Kemetic deities I follow are Bast and Het-Heret (Het-Heru). I relate to Bast primarily as a protector, and Het-Heret as a Healer and Nurturer. I'm well aware that they're more complex than that and that some of their common attributations overlap. Probably from syncretism in the Greco-Roman period. All my relationships with deities reflect or nurture traits of my own personality.